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Nation's Top Selling Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

Buy The Best Tasting Vegan Cheese in Bulk for Foodservice

Vegan (Kosher and Halal) Marshmallows for Foodservice, Bakeries and Industrial Applications.

Everyone of your Customers should Love Your Place!

The Vegan/Vegetarian sector is one of the fastest-growing categories in food…It’s a dedicated group of loyal consumers that is growing daily in Canada and the United States.  

Our specialty is Vegan Foodservice in Canada. We make Vegan Easy and help you capture this lucrative market.

There is so much pressure to stay on trend now in food service. Specially with fluctuating cost of animal protein—which 46% of operators cite as a key menu challenge to begin with—it should be a no-brainer for operators generally to find ways to simply use less animal protein and add Vegan/Vegetarian menu options.

As the Canadian population becomes more informed (and as millennials become more influential), the demand for plant-based foods is increasing.  This is the right time to get your marketshare of this new growing trend.  Let VeganBliss help you in adding profitable Vegan/Vegetarian options on your menu.

Vegan Cheese

VeganBliss Cheese, Perfect for Foodservice

Vegan Marshmallows

VeganBliss Marshmallows. Available in Regular and Mini

Vegan Hot Chocolate

3 Awesome Flavors of VeganBliss Hot Chocolate

Attract the customers you’re currently not seeing at your food establishment by giving them choices on your menu! It’s time to be innovative. VeganBliss Foods will assist you in getting the absolute tastiest, highest quality, crave-able Vegan/Vegetarian/Whole Foods Plant Based substitutes.

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